Simon D., Author

Edgaras was recommended to me by two former trainers whom I trust greatly and I’m delighted to have an opportunity to share my experience. After a dreadful year of health concerns Edgaras took me on, I weighed-in on the 5th August at a whopping 97 kg! By the beginning of December I was 79 kg, with blood tests showing a reversing of diabetes and I was down 3 points on my prostate PSA test heading well towards a safe range! Edgaras is passionate about sport, fitness, and the importance of mental well-being, nutrition and well-versed in all aspects of health. He is wise, very genial and a very inspiring gentleman – and safe.

If, you are serious and motivated about body-sculpting or turning your health around and want a talented trainer come and work with Edgaras and see the results, he’s brilliant!”