Ed has run our private fitness class for over a year.  He has a dynamic and energetic personality which leads his classes to be high paced, seriously tough (which we love) and most importantly fun.  Ed takes pride in focussing on technique and form, which makes the environment feel safe to push yourself to your unknown limits!

 “We go heavy and we go hard!”

Stephen T., Engineer

I really enjoyed working together with Edgaras. Even if you give up on yourself he will never give up on you! And his passion and knowledge keeps motivating even through the hardest tasks in the gym.

“Improve your health, body and life with Edgaras.”

Dovile K., Restaurant Manager

I have worked out with Edgar for over a year and I have really enjoyed our sessions.

Edgar has a strong knowledge of muscle, strength, nutrition and self-care.  He approaches each client in a friendly manner and can quickly gauge your potential and tailor bespoke workout plans that help you meet your goals. His shared passion for training and preparing good, healthy food is also passed on in your sessions with Edgar which I find very useful.

He has proven himself to be a reliable and honest individual who takes great pleasure from getting involved in a client’s personal goals to improve their lives; physically, mentally, spiritually. Through our sessions I have gained muscle mass and strength, cut fat percentage and overall feel better. You will not regret choosing Edgar as your personal trainer if and when you decide to take action to improve your health and well being.

“His shared passion for training and preparing good, healthy food is also passed on in your sessions”

Niall D., Teacher

A training session with Ed gives you that boost to your self-confidence that you’ve always been hoping for. Highly motivational, he consolidates your strengths while helping you to overcome your weaknesses.

Ed is approachable, informal and very likeable, while his enthusiasm for a happy and healthy lifestyle is extremely infectious!

“He always keeps your personal goals in mind and has the expertise and flexibility to enable you to achieve them in a way that best suits you.”

Gary K., Health & Fitness Instructor

Edgaras is an exceptional trainer with breadth knowledge of his profession.

He provides well organised and well supervised sessions which are challenging and fun. He is very aware of his clients’ needs and strengths. Edgaras is very encouraging therefore I find the right push and support at the right time. Edgaras is motivational and inspirational providing helpful advice regarding exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

I would highly recommend Edgaras!

“Through his 1:1 and group based sessions I achieved my goals.”

Georgia M., Teacher

Edgaras is a really motivating person, he has the right power and energy to push you, to reach your goals. He made me to change opinion about active life style and how good it can be for my own health.

“I felt very motivated during training time with Edgaras.”

Alessia P., Shop Supervisor