Kathrine H.

If you have a goal and you want results, Ed is your man. After a friendly but professional initial consultation to discuss what I wanted to achieve and establish my current state of health, we agreed on a ten-week, personalised programme to shed some pounds and build upper body muscle mass. Ed clearly knows what he is doing, and is quick to understand how to push and encourage you just enough without you feeling like it’s too much. There’s no getting away from the fact that I have had to put the work in; at the end of the day, Ed can’t do it for you, but he is there, every step of the way, to instruct and motivate me, ensure I’m doing things right, and make sure I’m eating the right things! He has an easy, super-friendly manner and I always look forward to our weekly session, knowing it will be tough, but that I’ll feel great afterwards, and will have learnt more about what I’m capable of. Ten weeks later I feel fitter, lighter and stronger, with noticeably more upper body definition! I’m also more confident in the weights room on my own, and know which exercises I can do to progress with my own workouts and keep up the good work! I really can’t recommend Ed highly enough. If you’re willing to put the work in, you won’t regret any investment of your time in you and your money and trust in Ed.

Worth every penny — he’s a gem.