Ivié B., Senior Credit Risk Analyst

I need to start by saying I am not a gym bunny (my partner made me sign up and before that my motto was “I don’t sweat; I don’t perspire; I gently glow )! However, like most people I had a bucket list and one of my goals was to have a personal trainer. Yes, I knew that I couldn’t get the body I secretly wanted on my own. So in 2019, my birthday present to myself was ED! I contacted three trainers before deciding to go with ED. He was professional and organised for our very first conversation. He has a great physique, so clearly knows his stuff. He asked me what my goal was and was not satisfied until I responded with something specific and measurable. He told me immediately that this was realistic and achievable. All great signs for success. All he asked in return was to follow his instructions and the results would follow.

If I remember correctly, I exceeded my first weight target well ahead of schedule and set another one! ED holds you accountable by asking for photos of your meals and proof of gym sessions. You don’t want to waste your time or his and certainly not your money!  He will make adjustments to suit your lifestyle without losing sight of the overall goal. I am so pleased with my progress that I have signed up with ED for another 10 weeks! Give ED a try and I promise that if you follow his instructions, you will not be disappointed!!

ED will push you beyond your comfort zone but will also encourage you every step of the way.