George F., Economics and Business Studies Teacher

I have been training with Ed for over a year and have not only surpassed my goals but have also changed my perspective of exercise. After helping me achieve my physical goals of muscle gain and fat loss through carefully tailored sessions and diet recommendations designed around my lifestyle, Ed helped me achieve the confidence to pursue new exercises that I never thought would be possible. Ed has helped me feel comfortable in performing calisthenic exercises such as handstands (which was a considerable achievement given a fear of being upside down !).
Most importantly Ed’s deep technical knowledge and ability to tailor his explanations has helped me progress quickly and safely. Having previously injured myself through bad form, I was quite nervous in the gym and was unwilling to push myself. Ed helped me overcome such fears through his non-stop attention (both during and outside our sessions).

I am incredibly grateful for Ed’s help, particularly for the strong and holistic foundations that we have built for a lifetime of fitness.