Ed supported and pushed me to exceed my personal goals; to get faster and stronger than when I was a competitive athlete at 19. Now 36 and having surpassed my personal goals we are now working to new targets in 2020. Working with Ed is physically rewarding and mentally stimulating, a great experience.

Douglas F., Editor

I came to Ed after going to some of his classes at the gym, and found he was able to push for people to levels we don’t even know we can. I’ve been struggling to loose weight for 10 years and have tried several diets, programs and trainers but Ed was a real change, with his guidance, dedication, constant follow up and hard training he teach and show how to make the impossible happen. Within 12 weeks I managed to loose 9 Kilos and more than 10% of body fat, and see a transformation in my body and lifestyle that I have been able to maintain and adapt to my needs, holiday season or busy working schedules are no excuses or limitations to keep the results, and I have started to motivate others with my results. I have more challenges I want to go through and I know Ed is the best person and friend to help me achieve my next goals.

Ed helped me realise there are no limits, and that is the key to believe you can succeed.

Merici P., Technical Project Manager

Ed helped me get in shape for my wedding. We had 7 weeks and I managed to lose 5 kg (60 kg>55) and 4.5 kg of body fat (21%>14.4). It was intense but without his support and guidance, I would have never been able to achieve my results.

Bella N., Senior Consultant

Edgaras was recommended to me by two former trainers whom I trust greatly and I’m delighted to have an opportunity to share my experience. After a dreadful year of health concerns Edgaras took me on, I weighed-in on the 5th August at a whopping 97 kg! By the beginning of December I was 79 kg, with blood tests showing a reversing of diabetes and I was down 3 points on my prostate PSA test heading well towards a safe range! Edgaras is passionate about sport, fitness, and the importance of mental well-being, nutrition and well-versed in all aspects of health. He is wise, very genial and a very inspiring gentleman – and safe.

If, you are serious and motivated about body-sculpting or turning your health around and want a talented trainer come and work with Edgaras and see the results, he’s brilliant!”

Simon D., Author

If you have a goal and you want results, Ed is your man. After a friendly but professional initial consultation to discuss what I wanted to achieve and establish my current state of health, we agreed on a ten-week, personalised programme to shed some pounds and build upper body muscle mass. Ed clearly knows what he is doing, and is quick to understand how to push and encourage you just enough without you feeling like it’s too much. There’s no getting away from the fact that I have had to put the work in; at the end of the day, Ed can’t do it for you, but he is there, every step of the way, to instruct and motivate me, ensure I’m doing things right, and make sure I’m eating the right things! He has an easy, super-friendly manner and I always look forward to our weekly session, knowing it will be tough, but that I’ll feel great afterwards, and will have learnt more about what I’m capable of. Ten weeks later I feel fitter, lighter and stronger, with noticeably more upper body definition! I’m also more confident in the weights room on my own, and know which exercises I can do to progress with my own workouts and keep up the good work! I really can’t recommend Ed highly enough. If you’re willing to put the work in, you won’t regret any investment of your time in you and your money and trust in Ed.

Worth every penny — he’s a gem.

Kathrine H.

Ed is a totally reliable, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainer, worth his weight in gold. Set your goals with Ed, work hard, have fun and you will soon see very positive results

Kevin L.

There are many things why I love training with MotivatEd.
Every session is a challenge, he loves to mix it up to make you stronger or push you further.
He exploited my strengths and made me fitter and stronger, in body and mind.
He’s a master motivator and you will want more. I went from 0k to 10k, non-athlete to triathlete… And I’m just beginning.

He is a workout master!

Sharon R., Wellbeing Services Manager

I need to start by saying I am not a gym bunny (my partner made me sign up and before that my motto was “I don’t sweat; I don’t perspire; I gently glow )! However, like most people I had a bucket list and one of my goals was to have a personal trainer. Yes, I knew that I couldn’t get the body I secretly wanted on my own. So in 2019, my birthday present to myself was ED! I contacted three trainers before deciding to go with ED. He was professional and organised for our very first conversation. He has a great physique, so clearly knows his stuff. He asked me what my goal was and was not satisfied until I responded with something specific and measurable. He told me immediately that this was realistic and achievable. All great signs for success. All he asked in return was to follow his instructions and the results would follow.

If I remember correctly, I exceeded my first weight target well ahead of schedule and set another one! ED holds you accountable by asking for photos of your meals and proof of gym sessions. You don’t want to waste your time or his and certainly not your money!  He will make adjustments to suit your lifestyle without losing sight of the overall goal. I am so pleased with my progress that I have signed up with ED for another 10 weeks! Give ED a try and I promise that if you follow his instructions, you will not be disappointed!!

ED will push you beyond your comfort zone but will also encourage you every step of the way.

Ivié B., Senior Credit Risk Analyst

I have been training with Ed for over a year and have not only surpassed my goals but have also changed my perspective of exercise. After helping me achieve my physical goals of muscle gain and fat loss through carefully tailored sessions and diet recommendations designed around my lifestyle, Ed helped me achieve the confidence to pursue new exercises that I never thought would be possible. Ed has helped me feel comfortable in performing calisthenic exercises such as handstands (which was a considerable achievement given a fear of being upside down !).
Most importantly Ed’s deep technical knowledge and ability to tailor his explanations has helped me progress quickly and safely. Having previously injured myself through bad form, I was quite nervous in the gym and was unwilling to push myself. Ed helped me overcome such fears through his non-stop attention (both during and outside our sessions).

I am incredibly grateful for Ed’s help, particularly for the strong and holistic foundations that we have built for a lifetime of fitness.

George F., Economics and Business Studies Teacher

I have been working with Ed for the last three months and the results exceeded all my expectations. He perfectly managed to work around a previous injury, not letting it affect the final results. You know you are going to be pushed, but you also know everything he does is on your best interest to achieve your goals.

His between-sessions follow-up keeps you motivated and focus on your goals. In my case, as vegan, I truly appreciate his interest on researching and discussing meals to make sure my diet is supplying everything I need to make the most of my training.

It is a total pleasure to work with him, achieving goals ans setting new ones… and always with a big smile!

His relentless motivational spirit carries you through his super tailored workouts.

Tamara P., Senior Communication Designer