Motivat-ED Fitness/Training

Motivat-ED is for anyone who is ready to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle. Together, we can achieve your goals – whether you want to look great in a wedding dress, prepare for your first marathon, recover after an injury, or just want to turn a few heads next time you’re on the beach! Start your journey with Motivat-ED.

Examples of some previous client experiences:

  • New Starter – Helps to boost your nutrition and training confidence;
  • Back on Track – Focus on recovery/referral training after injuries. Improve health, fitness and stability;
  • Body Reshaping/Transformation – Weight loss, lean muscle gain, or tone up;
  • Plateau Breaker – Helping to step up into the next level of training. Intro into fun and functional training. Focus on achieving higher levels of cardio-vascular fitness and strength;
  • Pro+ – For those who are in marathon/triathlon training, body conditioning or body physique competitions.