• Ed supported and pushed me to exceed my personal goals; to get faster and stronger than when I was a competitive athlete at 19. Now 36 and having surpassed my personal goals we are now working to new targets in 2020. Working with Ed is physically rewarding and mentally stimulating, a great experience.

    Douglas F., Editor

  • I came to Ed after going to some of his classes at the gym, and found he was able to push for people to levels we don’t even know we can. I’ve been struggling to loose weight for 10 years and have tried several diets, programs and trainers but Ed was a real change, with his guidance, dedication, constant follow up and hard training he teach and show how to make the impossible happen. Within 12 weeks I managed to loose 9 Kilos and more than 10% of body fat, and see a transformation in my body and lifestyle that I have been able to maintain and adapt to my needs, holiday season or busy working schedules are no excuses or limitations to keep the results, and I have started to motivate others with my results. I have more challenges I want to go through and I know Ed is the best person and friend to help me achieve my next goals.

    Ed helped me realise there are no limits, and that is the key to believe you can succeed.

    Merici P., Technical Project Manager

  • Ed helped me get in shape for my wedding. We had 7 weeks and I managed to lose 5 kg (60 kg>55) and 4.5 kg of body fat (21%>14.4). It was intense but without his support and guidance, I would have never been able to achieve my results.

    Bella N., Senior Consultant